Pennisetum in the garden

Planting Works Garden Design

At Planting Works we are passionate in transforming gardens for our clients to enjoy. Through conceptual designs, Planting Works can provide ideas and a vision of the garden to it’s full potential.  At Planting Works we begin our journey by visiting the space, understanding the clients needs and providing ideas in our first consultation.


The initial consultation is free, and in this we gain a clear idea of the purpose of the space, the preferred style, hard landscaping in the design, and also discuss preferred colours, textures of plants.  If the client is looking for general advice this can be offered in a garden consultation at a small fee.  Based on this information, Planting Works is able to create a conceptual garden design to look at together with the client.

One Year On!

One year on this Cottage Garden planted in the previous September was simply flourishing.  Now this was a place for the clients to enjoy.  On returning to their home this space was thriving with plants to provide that inviting feel.  Tranquil, flowing and stunning.

Plants for All Year Round Display

The  purple of the Verbena bonariensis really looked stunning against the blue of the New England style house backdrop.  Verbena bonariensis is a perennial plant which will go to ground in the Winter but reappear the next Summer.

The Pennisetum and Eragrostis added that flow of grasses which complimented the height of the Verbena.  Amongst these were Lavandula, Rosa, Japanese Anemone and Achillea.

The Olea Europea absolutely loved the summer sun in this garden, which allowed the tiny olives to grow and even turn reddish black.

Olea europea in the garden

As a result, peeping through the balustrades of the front porch, the plants in this garden truly are spectacular in the sun!

Verbena bonariensis and Eragrostis in the garden

The clients of this garden, wanted a Cottage Garden feel to their front of house area and wanted to enjoy the feeling of flow, frothiness and vibrancy.  At Planting Works we feel this has been fully achieved for this sunny aspect garden.

Transformed Space

Finally, overall a beautiful home where the planting design from Planting Works has provided an ongoing display each year.


Pennisetum garden border