What do you do when you have a brand new shop, you are working hard to gain new customers, and to keep existing clients interested in your services and you just don’t have a spare minute to start thinking about your shop window Christmas display!

How do you make your shop stand out against the rest in the high street?  But you don’t have a large budget?

This is what happened recently to a friend of mine.  So she turned to me and asked if I could create something special for the shop window by Planting Works.  The style of the hair salon was very modern with dark teal walls, copper circular mirrors, copper planters and beautiful organic products.  This was a perfect backdrop to create a natural organic window display to entice new customers.  The window display needed to be modern, crisp, organic and pretty.

After a little research on the Internet and in magazines, I began by venturing out into the woods and finding some appropriate length sticks which could be used for hanging baubles, holly and cones on.  The trip into the woods was interesting to say the least, searching on the ground for just that “perfect stick”!  Finally I found two, which looked the same and were clean enough to use.  I also found some small pieces of moss that I could use on the decoration.  Some greenery from the garden, best at this time of year, holly with berries!  Intrigued?

Next was the collecting of pine cones, the right size, not broken!  This was easy due to the area I live in.  Once these had been gathered and dried I was ready to put the decorations together.  In addition, I had some snow spray, silver glitter spray and grey & white garden twine left over from a few previous projects but these do not cost much to buy.

I sprayed all of the pine cones with the sparkly glitter, added a topping of snow spray, pushed a small piece of moss into the cones at different levels.

Once at the shop, I made the sticks the correct length for the shop window.  By hanging the sticks up from the ceiling, it enabled me to have the space underneath to start attaching the garden twine to the stick.  Firstly, I attached the pine cones with the twine all at different lengths, then the small tiny baubles I’d bought for 15p each from the local florists, and finally the holly along the top of the sticks.

Some tiny copper fairy lights twisted around the stick and holly to light it up!

The finished result was a twinkling attractive shop window ready for Christmas!