I used to wonder if these words “beautiful” and “driveway” should be used in the same sentence? However a project in spring 2017 confirmed my theory that they certainly could!

The clients were looking for a front driveway design, which invited you in to their home; provided parking for 3 cars; and a space, which also looked beautiful to the eye when looking out of the kitchen window. Planting Works provided a garden design to tackle all of these issues, to finally see the potential of the front of the property, how much space the client actually had and the ease of use they could have in the future.

The old, tarmac driveway surface had been fully used over the years, and the planting which surrounded the area had become overgrown and neglected. The front of the house on entry through the gates was shamed by the look of the driveway. First impressions are so important and therefore I was keen to ensure that the front of this client’s house matched the beauty of the house itself, the interiors and the rear garden.

When planning the design I was thinking about how could 3 cars be sitting there in the drive without being so obvious, even screened maybe? The garden design did just that providing 3 parking bays separated by evergreen and perennial planting including taller bay lollipop trees to give some height to the screening. By removing the old neglected borders on either side of the driveway, the design was able to utilise approximately 3 more metres in width making the space in front of the house far wider. Each car had it’s own place to park without looking like a car park! Along each side of the driveway, hedging was planted by the fences, which provided a more formal look and added some softness. The materials suggested in the garden design showcased a modern and contemporary style, which matched with the house itself. A light coloured resin driveway was introduced and grey block paving curbs used to raise and create the beds between the bays. Artificial grass was laid in front of the house to give a more green and lush effect plus this was essential for the client’s two dogs on their way in and out of the house.

The planting plan comprised of bay lollipop trees, Buxus balls, Hydrangea Annabelle, Stipa tenuissima, Lavandula, Peonies and small Buxus hedging around the edge to add formality.

The following autumn, bulbs were added to the design, providing spring colour! Tulips and Daffodils rose up amongst the evergreens giving a colour pop of yellow, white, purple and pink!

Driveways can be such boring spaces, utilised every day but overlooked. It is the first thing we see when we come home, and the first thing we see when we leave, so why not make your driveway beautiful?

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