This article has been written by Rachel McLeod on behalf of Planting Works.

As we enjoy some extended summer sunshine, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your garden and outside spaces. Is there something that’s caught your eye on your staycation or perhaps a visit to a friend’s garden that’s made you wonder whether you could do something similar in yours? Maybe an outdoor entertaining area has always been on your wish list or perhaps transforming a tired lawn into a sanctuary for relaxing after busy days. Perhaps you’ve seen a planting scheme that you’d like to recreate or freshen up your existing pots with some new ideas or the water feature that you’ve always wanted. Perhaps you want to attract more wildlife or create a new patio area with a fire pit and seating. You’ve probably captured pictures of planting that’s caught your eye or entertainment spaces that you’ve loved. So rather than consign your ideas to the camera roll, discuss them with someone who can make them a reality in your own garden. By this time next year you could be enjoying some late summer sunshine in your newly transformed garden. You will have spent the summer months catching up with friends in your new entertainment area or simply loving the colours of your new planting schemes and wishing that you’d done it sooner.

Planting works are a local well established company who will provide a new perspective to your outdoor spaces. Through their expert knowledge of planting and garden layouts they will be able to bring new life to your outdoor spaces. The planning and implementation process takes some time and so it’s best to engage in the process early and while your ideas are still fresh in your mind. We’d love to hear from you.

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