Modern Contemporary Garden Design

Planting Works complimented the outdoor space of this new property development in Poole, Dorset, by providing a modern contemporary garden design for the front spaces of the properties.  There were 3 brand new town houses that were built by Brian Homes.

During the planning period, Planting Works worked with the property developer to establish the requirements for the front of the properties.  In addition, it was imperative that these properties were aesthetically pleasing at the point at which they went to market.

The finished product was a beautiful entrance to the properties for all new buyers.




The Design

To get to this finished stage, the hard landscaping conceptual design was drawn up by Planting Works and presented to the client.  One of the key concerns for the developer was to ensure that each townhouse property had privacy and so Planting Works came up with the modern slatted fence to allow high screening from neighbours.

In addition, rendered white raised beds were suggested to provide a natural flow up to the front door of the properties.  This allowed a pleasant area for all to enjoy leading up to the property and provided the necessary open to market feel for the property developer.

Planting Up

To ensure the front of property was ready for market, Planting Works designed a planting scheme for all year round colour as well as plants to provide a contemporary feel to the garden.  These plants were in bloom and flourishing when the properties came to market.